Ereztech BridgeForward Award

We are pleased to announce the 2020 Ereztech BridgeForward™ Award, the second annual financial award program recognizing gifted graduate students and recent post-doctoral graduates pursuing careers in organometallic chemistry and materials science. This year, we are offering five $1,500 awards for applicants.

To apply for the award, we’re asking you to explore your mentorship lineage, capture its history, and evaluate your current scientific challenges through the eyes of your forefathers. The focus of the essay is on your scholastic analysis of the history of thought. This is not intended to be an analysis of your PhD program, however, you may take specific examples from your work or others to support a point.


How many awards are available and how much is each award?

This year, we are offering (5) $1,500 awards.

When is the submission deadline?

All essays are due by November 30, 2020.

What are the qualifications for interested applicants?

The award is available to graduate students, recent PhD recipients (grad should have received PhD within the last 5 years), and postdoctoral fellows that have distinguished themselves in the organometallic chemistry and materials science fields.

Applicant must be attending or working at an accredited college or university.

Applicant can be associated with a university or a government research organization.

Both national and international applicants are urged to apply.

How long does my essay need to be?

Essays should be 500-600 words in length.

When will winners be notified?

Essays will be reviewed immediately following the application deadline and winners will be notified by January 4, 2021.

Is financial need a factor in winner selection?

No, financial need is not weighted in winner selection.