Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award and the Toyota “Let’s Go Places” Scholarships for SEOPA Conference Attendance

The Outdoor Journalist Education Foundation of America (OJEFA) currently offers scholarships to bring three aspiring young outdoors communicators to the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association’s (SEOPA) annual fall conference at absolutely no cost. One is through the Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award established in 2011 and the others are made possible by the generous support of Toyota Motor Company through its “Let’s Go Places” awards. Recipients will learn about all aspects of outdoor communications from the people who make it happen day in and day out. 

Thanks to the forward-thinking and generous support of Toyota, two additional aspiring young communicators (ages 12-25) will be able to attend the SEOPA conference each fall courtesy of the Toyota “Let’s Go Places” scholarships. The same benefits and application processes apply as listed at the link provided for the Lindsay Sale-Tinney Award with the following exception:  Travel expenses beyond the $750 will be considered on a case-by-case basis and granted when deemed necessary and feasible.