St-Denis Family Nursing Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize a full-time student graduating in the French Bachelor in Nursing program at Laurentian University who has the highest mark on the HESI CAT exit (highest-ranking student for the practice exam with a minimum grade of 16.61) a practice exam in preparation for the College of Nurses licensing exam (i.e. NCLEX). The successful candidate must also have achieved a minimum of 900 on one of the two previous practice tests, i.e. HESI RN Exit V1 or HESI RN Exit V2, all products of Elsevier. Both criteria must be met for the award. Where more than one person meets eligibility criteria, the highest grade on all three exams combined will determine the successful candidate. In the event of a draw, the prize will be divided equally. In the event the eligibility criteria are not met by any graduating student in the French language program, the prize can be awarded to a student graduating in the Bachelor of Nursing, English program and meets the eligibility criteria of this award. In all cases of multiple candidates qualifying, the same selection process will apply. Should the eligibility criteria not be met by a graduate in either program, the award will be deferred until the following spring convocation. The award will be bestowed at the pinning ceremony at spring convocation. The Nursing Department will provide the recipient’s name to Student Awards. Value is $500.