Clifford Fielding Graduate Bursary

Established in memory of Mr. Clifford Fielding to honour and celebrate the efforts of the Chief, Council and Community Members of the Whitefish River First Nation and their support for the pursuit of higher education within their community. The purpose of this award is to provide financial assistance to aid a resident of the Whitefish River First Nation who is pursuing graduate studies at Laurentian University. Applicants must provide proof of status. Recipient(s) will have demonstrated undergraduate academic achievement and will be pursing graduate and post graduate work in business, engineering, health, architecture, sciences or medicine within the Northern Ontario School of Medicine. This bursary will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated undergraduate academic achievement, financial need, Ontario residency as defined by OSAP and through leadership attributes exemplified by community involvement, competitive sport and/or work experience. Value will be variable from approximately $3,500 to a maximum of $7,500 per year depending, with discretion, on the tuition fees of the applicant(s) graduate program. Application required.