Chris J. Walsh Memorial Award

This award was created in memory of Christopher John Walsh who was an outstanding student at Laurentian University graduating with a degree in Economics.
Chris experienced his first seizure when he was twelve years old and was diagnosed with status epilepticus and epilepsy during his teenage years. Although Chris had damage to his short term memory, medium term memory and some data retention abilities this did not stop him from excelling at Laurentian University. Through enormous willpower and many 10 to 12 hour days of intensive repetitive study Chris persisted through the curriculum forcing details into his long term memory. Chris also enjoyed helping others and agreed to teach study skills to fellow students for the Accessibility Services (formerly Special Needs) Office at Laurentian University. In 1995, to the immense pride of his parents and other family members, Chris graduated from Laurentian.
Chris demonstrated strong determination, unparalleled work ethic and truly was an example of setting goals and achieving them both during his time at Laurentian University and later on in his career.
Established by John and JoAnn Walsh, the purpose of this award is to aid a student(s) enrolled in any program at Laurentian University who excels academically and has epilepsy and or a permanent disability. The student recipient must demonstrate strong participation within the community in promoting inclusion for persons with disabilities. Value is variable. Application is required.