Aimee Leonard Music Bursary

Established by family and friends. In her short 27 years, Aimee Leonard released What Happened, an independently produced album, performed in various folk festivals, including Mariposa and Northern Lights Festival Boreal, was featured by CBC Radio 3 and touched many lives. “She was happy, precocious, good at everything, “She was a top student, good in sports, had lots of energy.” But one thing that stood out about Leonard was her affinity for music. “She always loved music, always wanted to sing. The purpose of this award is to provide financial assistance annually to a music student enrolled in either the BA or the BFA program, who demonstrates excellence in one or a combination of the following: academics, vocal performance and theatre arts. The bursary will be awarded on the basis of demonstrated financial need, and Ontario residency as defined by OSAP. Value is variable. Application is required.