William Commanda Aboriginal Medical Scholarship (752200102589)

Walter Faigan Kiwanis Club Fellowship in Lymphoma and Transplant Research (712200302627)

Ward Family Scholarship for Paediatric Medicine (OSOTF) (752220101121)

University of Ottawa Patient Safety Research Fellowship and Graduate Studies Program (712240303953)

University of Ottawa Cardiology Research Endowment Graduate Awards at the Heart Institute (712240303903)

Toth Family Fellowship in Parkinson’s Research (712200102635)

Telesforo Mascarin Scholarship Fund (OSOTF) (752220101115)

Student Access Guarantee for Professional Programs and Graduate Studies (762250103966)

Saroj and Kishori Lal Family Scholarship (712240302631)

Robert W. Stanton Scholarship for Psychiatry Students (752200105053)