Wilfred-Fernande Cousineau Memorial Scholarship (712200302404)

Students’ Association of the Faculty of Arts’ Memorial Scholarship Award (722200301408)

Student Travel Fund – Faculty of Arts (762200302477)

Lazarus Rosenberg Scholarship in Classics (OTSS) (722220102380)

Jeannine Ritchot Scholarship for Student-Athletes in Varsity Women’s Teams (Sports) (722200305144)

Helga Sarkozy Scholarship for Faculty of Arts Students (721200103862)

Helen Nininger Scholarship in Fine Arts (722200300749)

Faculty of Arts Scholarship for First Generation Students (722200102820)

Dr. Dalton J.P. McGuinty Sr. Scholarship Fund (OSOTF) (722220101397)

Donald Metcalfe Memorial Scholarship for Young Artists (OSOTF) (722220101885)

Bonnie and Wally Morris Family Scholarship Fund (OSOTF) (722220100981)

Bennett Student Admissions Award (OTSS) (722220102248)